Sunday, February 5, 2017


Joan Lunden visted the National Institutes of Health early in January. She interviewed me and The Guy (together, because I am a big chicken) on my 10th follow-up post TIL therapy.

Here's the Today Show segment (thanks, Maia!):

apheresis. It's not as fun as it looks.

This web page answers some questions about TIL therapy. It includes a link (see item 5) to start the application process too!

Here's the article that led to this interview:
1 Patient, 7 Tumors and 100 Billion Cells Equal 1 Striking Recovery

The WSJ and Philly Inquirer also ran stories.
Cancer Breakthrough Aids One Patient, Raises Hopes for Many
In a first, immune therapy tames mutation in colon and pancreatic cancers

and a follow-up by the Philly Inquirer:
Cracking the cancer code: Can immune therapy treat tumors?

Here's a promo clip for the sake of posterity: