Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Flurry That Was Treatment #11

Toward the end of chemotherapy things got really hairy at home.  My liver was a mess, and so extra clinic visits for "maintenance" were shoe-horned into already-packed weeks.  My doc ordered several hydration procedures, hoping to get my uncooperative liver to detox in time for treatment eleven.  This meant 2 to 3 hours of infusions, not to mention the drive, three times per week.  I did not dare attempt bringing the boys to these appointments (we home-school, so they're with me all day, every day).  There aren't enough Pokemon cards and milkshakes in the world to make that scenario work.

Thankfully, our friends rallied, caring for the boys when I wasn't able to.  Also great:  the boys loved playing at other people's houses.  Had any one of them protested about leaving me, my heart probably would've broken on the spot.  I am (we are) blessed with amazing friends who made accepting their help easy.

After witnessing what could happen during an infusion, Patrick was even more determined to not miss a chemo appointment.  We showed up on Monday morning, but despite the hydration sessions, my liver enzymes were too high to proceed with treatment eleven.  A nurse drew my blood and sent us home.  Pending the results of that blood work, I'd be asked to come back the next day.

The next day I updated friends and family from the infusion room.

Sent: February 18, 2014 2:13 PM
After much discussion, [my oncologist] is going ahead with #11 today, including oxaliplatin!  She initially wanted to skip the OX altogether today, but ultimately decided to forge ahead.  Many more trips for hydration will be needed...

Further complicating our lives at this time was the record-breaking snowfall.  The area was in the midst of one of its snowiest winters since 1880.  Getting to appointments was anything but easy, but everyone we knew was pulling for us.  We continually offered prayers of thanksgiving for their presence in our lives.

Thank You again, for your prayers, acts of kindness and the other many ways you help.  It is very humbling to be so needy, but we are very grateful for all of you.  This journey is not one that I would wish on anyone, but knowing you're all "there" for us makes it bearable.

What a blessing it was to know that we were not alone.

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