Thursday, January 28, 2016

Follow-Up #5 RESULTS

Earlier this week, by RECIST criteria, the target tumors in my lungs measured 46% smaller than they were pre-treatment. This puts me officially in the "partial responder" camp.  wooHOO!

I captured one image from the CT scan to post here, so you could get an idea of how "Target 3" is changing.  The white areas inside the blue oval are cancerous tissue--a nodule right next to my heart.  The darker areas within the tumor show that it is becoming less dense! (The white blob above the text in the image is a cross-section of a normal blood vessel.)

One tumor (not shown) still looks pretty gnarly on the CT, but it is in an area clouded by scar tissue, so it's difficult to determine what is what at that location.  All of the rest of the tumors seem to be breaking up, becoming hollow, or shrinking. No new tumors were seen, and my CEA level remained at 1.1 (same as in November).

Excitement!  Relief!  Gratitude!  HOPE!

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