Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Follow-Up #4 Results

Meet the tumor my doctors call "Target 3". I call it "José".  This a CT image of an inoperable, cancerous lung tumor. It is much too close to my heart. (That blobby-looking thing just beneath the blue oval is a normal blood vessel, and the massive thing in the upper left is my heart.)

The first image shows how Target 3 appeared in June, 2015, prior to the TIL immunotherapy trial. At that time, it measured about 3 cm from end to end. RECIST criteria is concerned with only the measurement of the longest dimension, which hasn't changed much in five months, however, it's plain to see that the tumor is starting to change. The TIL are still doing their job!

disintegrating tumors = most grateful patient!

Officially, I'm now at 30% reduction from baseline. If next visit we see similar results, I'll enter the world of "partial responder" (PR). Can't wait!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. I've been following your blog. This is awesome news! I Hope your news continues to get better in future scans. My wife was diagnosed July 2014 with Stage IV Rectal Cancer. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!