Friday, November 20, 2015

Scanning Time Again

Scans during Thanksgiving week?  Yes.  I scheduled that.

Last time, the oral contrast did a number on me, and so now I worry that it will happen again.  I asked my doc if he would let me skip this unpleasantness at the upcoming visit, but he rejected the idea.  I wonder if his opinion could be swayed by 50-pounds of Halloween candy.


Last time I was this close > <  to achieving "partial response" by RECIST criteria.  I don't know what it takes to make lung tumors shrink, but I vowed to walk daily until my return to Bethesda, in an effort to boost my immune system.  It hurts my feet (neuropathy) but I do it anyway.  Maybe walking will kill off some of the damaged nerves for good.  ha.

Other news!  An article about the TIL therapy has been published in Science*.  This one made me realize just how incredibly basic my understanding is.  When I think I know something, I learn another something that makes the first revelation miniscule in comparison.  Still, what I do understand fascinates me.  It must be a very exciting time to be a cancer researcher--it seems like they are on the brink of unlocking cancer's final secrets.

Since my last post here, I got to speak to the lovely Melinda on the phone.  Hers is the case that rocked the world of immunology a couple of years ago.  I read an article about her case before I knew my own was metastatic, and it is because of the publicity surrounding her that I found the trial at NIH.  She is now two years out from the same treatment I received, and doing great as a "partial responder".

Next up:  Results.  Prayers for good news are gratefully accepted!  If swinging chickens is more your style, I'll take that, too.  It's all good.

*the KRAS patient referred to is not me.  This data was collected prior to my treatment.

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